Some simple enrichment activities that you can do at home include:

  • Visit various educational websites such as [] (more great website ideas to come!)
  • Practice writing your child's name daily (first and last name)
  • Help your child identify letters and sounds by pointing them out in signs, books, newspapers
  • Encourage your child to count various household items
  • Point out shapes that you and your child see in the natural (or home) environment
  • Pick out a word and encourage your child to create words that rhyme with your chosen word (nonsense words are great, too!)
  • Encourage your child to do any type of writing, coloring, cutting, and gluing (these tasks are asked of your children at school on a daily basis so practice at home really helps your child feel prepared for school)
  • Visit [] to create customized handwriting practices pages (even with your child's name on them!)

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