• Please be sure that your child reads his/her word ring to you daily. This is crucial in helping your child become a more fluent reader. Also, please be sure to sign and date the sheet of paper that was placed in the daily folder regarding the word rings. Please keep the word ring in the zipper pocket in your child's daily folder. We will be getting the word rings out during class at times, and each child needs to have their word ring with them at school.
  • Show & Tell: Please help your child remember to fill out the form and put a Show and Tell item in the Show and Tell bag before Friday. Students are to return the Show and Tell bag on Friday with the form completed.
  • Please save any butter tubs or disposable applesauce containers and send them to school with your child. I need these for painting activities! Thank you!
  • Please help your child remember to bring in an item for their alpha bottle each Wednesday.
  • Be on the lookout for Scholastic book flyers. Please be mindful of the order deadlines when placing orders. Thank you to all of you that sent in your orders on time!!!

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